Friday, February 12, 2016

Annual social event of Amipharma - Sindbad Resort

The annual social event of Amipharma took place in Sindbad resort. This is an event organized annually for a full day  where all the staff and their families gather together, and  socialize with one another more informally. This one day event has been organized by the management  for the last 25 years. Such events promote building and strengthening relationships a enhance the culture of a workplace, making it fun and enjoyable. Those, celebrations and gatherings always provide means of recognizing personal and workplace achievements and milestones and showing appreciation for them in a public manner. The programme includes many activities including singers, children’s activities such as face painting, children’s discothèque and prizes for distinguished workers.


Amipharma has welcomed his excellency the British Ambassador for an

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The CEO of the company Dr Ahmed Elbadawi, has the

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